Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Presa Canario Dog: A Popular Family Pet

For those of you who are thinking about keeping a pet dog, it would be a good idea for you to consider keeping a  Presa Canario puppy for a pet. The popularity of this breed is on the rise and there are several good reasons for this including this breed's very friendly nature. Besides his very friendly nature, the Presa Canario  dog is also very well adjusted to being in the company of children, who in any case would adore this particular breed, especially as he is very gentle towards them.

Trains Well

Another endearing quality of the  Presa Canario dog is his ability to train well and he will also readily learn the basic rules of the house, and in addition, is also able to learn to do a few tricks as well. There no doubts that the Presa Canario  dog picks up things very fast, and he is also a very obedient animal that will always serve his master faithfully. With such outstanding qualities, the Presa Canario puppy  is a great joy - both in the company of adults as well as with children.

As the owner of a  Presa Canario puppy you will, of course, need to shoulder a fair amount of responsibility regarding the upkeep and welfare of your pet. In fact, keeping a Presa Canario  dog at home also gives you a great opportunity to inculcate a sense of responsibility in your children who must be taught how to properly own as well as care for their pet.

 You must also ensure that your Presa Canario  dog is given plenty of exercise as he is very energetic and thus will need to burn his energy in a productive way. He must also be given a lot of space to run about as well as be taken for walks regularly. In addition, the Presa Canario  dog demands and should be give a great deal of attention and you must do your best, as his owner, to give him love and make him feel like he is your friend and not just an acquisition to the home.

 For his part, the  Presa Canario puppy will crave companionship from humans and so, it is never wise to leave him on his own. If you are going on vacation, makes sure to leave him with someone responsible who will provide him with attention and care for him properly. In the case of a  Presa Canario rescue dog, you need to be even more careful about how you keep him and you must ensure that he is given a lot of love and care and he should be made to feel wanted at all times as well.

All in all, bringing home a  Presa Canario dog will prove to be a boon for you and your family who will soon fall in love with this lovable, intelligent and excellent pet dog.

Finding A Top Dog  Presa Canario puppy Breeder

After careful research and consideration, you have decided on the breed of dog you want. The next step in locating the newest addition to your family is to find a good Presa Canario  breeder. This is not always easy to do, as there are many bad apple  Presa Canario breeders out there who care more about the green backs than the little fawn and brindle backs running around their feet.

A very good sign of a high quality  Presa Canario puppy breeder is how much time they take finding out about you. Any breeder that really cares about their pups is not going to sell one to just any person, regardless of how much money is involved. You may be asked to fill out an application, and meet with the  Presa Canario puppy breeders themselves one or twice before ever seeing the puppies. This is a good thing - you want someone who cares that much about their dogs. This can help assure you that you are not getting a poorly bred puppy

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Presa Canario or Other Pets May Be The Best Gift to Give This Holiday Season

 It’s the holiday season and that means gift shopping is in full effect.  There are certain gifts that can be wrapped up and placed under a tree and there there are those that can’t be.  Some are intangible- giving someone a dedication or even planting tree in someone’s honor for example.  Some have a bow and scamper across the floor, like a Presa Canario or an animal.  The gift of a pet creates perpetual happiness.
  Giving an animal to a child is a time honored tradition for the holidays.  Responsibility, respect and nurture are important virtues and modalities that a person learns overtime.  Parents are told to push their children to be better humans; as a parent it is your duty to teach your children the value of their own responsibilities an taking care of a pet is a good first step, whether it is a Presa Canario puppy,  a bearded lizard or a bird.  Taking care of an animal leaves an idea of parenting and a nurturing of another before you.  This is a big task.  Selflessness is not the average trait of a child.

 Children typically ask for a puppy when they’re young and their parents always say “When you’re older.”  The truth is that the parents hope that the child forgets about it.  Some children do tend for forget about the ownership of a pet, but others ask year after year.  The principles that they can learn from pet ownership can be intangibly life changing.

Before throwing around the idea of a pet, here are a few tips:
·         Think about the kind of animal that YOU are okay with
·         What size animal could live comfortably in your home
o   Fish sized- 2-5 inches in an in-closed aquarium
o   Cat sized- 12-30 inches and 10 pounds
o   Dog- anywhere between 2 inches  and 6 pounds (Chihuahua) or 20-27 inches tall and 150 pounds ( Presa Canario )
This Holiday Season may be the one where you decide to give in to your child’s wants and longing for a pet, maybe a Presa Canario puppy for sale. It will teach them responsibility and unadulterated love for a pet of their own. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

When searching for a speciality dog like Presa Canario for sale, what do you need to know?

Many pet stores have the run of the mill kind of pets- lizards, fish, cats and dogs.  When we talk about the average dog, more specifically, at these stores the dogs are average assortments- the labs, poodles, bichon frises, Chihuahuas and pugs.  What if you want to own or give someone a pet dog that isn’t those boring and ordinary varieties?  What if you are looking for a Greyhound, Affenpischer  or a Presa Canario for sale?  Where do you have to go for these types of breeds and other non-conformist dogs?  Here are some hints to help you in your search.

·         Allocate a set amount of money towards the sale.  Some pure breed dog can be sold for thousands and thousands of dollars

·         Start by doing some research about local breeders in your local area, or region, or nationwide if you so choose.  Most breeders have a specialty of dog packs that they raise and breed. For example a breeder may only breed Presa Canarios, which means only they only have Presa Canarios for sale

·         Think about the size of the dog compared to its to-be-owner.  Many dogs vary in sizes and lengths. 

·         Do online research about the breed you are interested in to find out relative information like the dog’s activity levels, potential life expectancy, etc.

·         Make sure the dog you are thinking of buying is the only dog for you- dog’s need love and affection, and will conditionally love its owner; in turn you must fully want to love this dog and keep it safe.

Many aspects and decisions must be made when finding the right dog.  If you are looking for a Affenpischer  or a Presa Canario for sale and you make the visit to the kennel or breeder’s home to see the liveability with a dog, make sure to ask to see the kennel and living space.  Other information to ask for is the dog’s medical tests to see it’s health records, to make sure you aren’t being strung around on a long leash of deceit.  Buying a dog is a big step in your life and you must debate and deliberate that it is the right dog for you and your future.