Saturday, March 10, 2012

Consider Purchasing a Presa Canario for sale

The Presa Canario breed is a hard-working, loyal breed of dog. A Presa Canario for sale will also be known as "Perro de Presa Canario" or "Presa," this dog originated from the Canary Islands of Spain in the 1700's. They are generally assumed to be a blend of Mastiff and English dogs that were brought to the islands by English colonists. The intention behind breeding the Presa was to develop a dog suited for working livestock.
The dogs are quite large – a typical male weighs anywhere from 100 to 160 pounds and female weight ranges between 85 to 150 pounds. They have large, muscular heads, short coats and cropped ears. The dog's body is slightly longer than it is tall and is said by some to be generally cat-like in form, right down to paws that resemble that of a feline. The coat color is usually brindle or fawn. The body has a sloping top-line; the dog is taller in the top-portion of his or her body than in his or her rear. They are fairly short-haired and shed very little in the way of fur. The dog is large, but agile and capable of athletic endurance. The Presa usually lives for eight to twelve years. The breed is recognized by the Real Decreto (Royal Decree) of the MAPA (Minister of Agriculture Fishing and Nutrition) in Spain.
In terms of personality, the Presa Canario is unique and well-suited to be a farm dog, a family dog or both. Though some assert that the Presa Canario is aggressive or temperamental, this is a judgment primarily based on bias against large, muscular dogs with big heads. In fact, the Presa is completely capable of receiving high-quality training. If the Presa Canario for sale is trained from a young age to be obedient and gentle, this breed can make the ideal family protector. The Presa Canario was originally bred as a farm dog, and would make the perfect canine companion for a family living rurally or immersed in farm-life. These dogs have even been used as accomplices in boar-hunting endeavors. A Presa de Canario for sale is an excellent choice for any family looking for protection, canine companionship, or a well-mannered dog.