Friday, May 16, 2014

Bearclaw Kennels / Female Presa Canario Lilith

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Lilith  is a very large and muscular 120 pound Female Presa Canario, She has huge bone, tons of muscle, a great head and the perfect temperament for a Presa Canario. Lilith also has the drive, confidence and powerful movement that's so desired of the Presa Canarios Breed .

Bearclaw Kennels - Male Presa Canario / Hernan aka Bone Crusher

Hernan is one of our finest looking Presa Canarios / Dogo Canarios
you can find anywhere. Hernan has a striking Fawn brindle coat,
a great head, excellent guard temperament, straight front and is
unbelievably muscular with excellent bone structure. Hernan is a
perfect example of the Presa Canario Breed
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